Anatta is an dance performance that blends interactive technology and performative art in such a way that neither element dictates how the other proceeds. Via laser-tracking, the mostly monochrome projections on the installation space’s walls and floor react to the movements of dancer Joanna Gruberska (PL) and vice-versa. The result is reciprocal interplay among the human body, the projection and the performance space, whereby the boundary between action and reaction becomes blurred.

length ~24 min (variable)

concept, sound and interactive design
Viktor Delev (MK/AT)

concept, choreography, performance
Joanna Gruberska (PL)

technical support
Ars Electronica Futurelab:
Benjamin Mayr
Otto Naderer

04. – 08. Sept. 2014: ARS ELECTRONICA 2014
Thu., 04.09., 20.00 CET at Deep Space
Fri., 05.09., 19.00 CET
Sat., 06.09., 20.00 CET
Sun., 07.09., 17.00 CET

14.06.2014 – Lange Nacht der Bühnen 2014, AEC 20:00 and 21:30
23.04.2014 – Tanzhafen Festival 2014, Opening performance, 19:00
22./23.03.2014 – MUSEUM TOTAL
09./08.02.2014 – additional performances for TIME OUT .01
30.01.2014 – opening performance of TIME OUT .01 – Timebased and Interactive Media meets Ars Electronica Center